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Galatea Music is one of the activities of the Galatea Foundation and supports talented but less fortunate musicians by organizing concerts and assists with organising concerts and (CD) recordings.


Galatea regularly organizes performances and benefit concerts, some related to a specific opening or exhibition. Check our for upcoming concertsagenda. Below you will find an overview of past concerts. 


February 5, 2023
During this Sunday afternoon concert the pianists will play Hennadyi Beziazychnyi, his wife Nataliia Abdulina and their 9-year-old daughter Yulianna. This can rightly be called a family concert.  The residents of Vechtenstein estate  make their home available for this purpose.  A special concert at this beautiful location!!.


February 12, 2023
This Sunday afternoon the pianists Hennadyi Beziazychnyi, his wife Nataliia Abdulina and their 9-year-old daughter Yulianna will play again, now in Nyenrode Castle in Breukelen.


May 29, 2022 

Mykhailo Bylich (violinist) and Andrii Vasin (pianist), both members of the Kiyv Ensemble in Kiyv,  played at the award ceremony of the Galatea Art Prize in Slot Zeist.


June 10 and 25, 2022 

2 benefit concerts given in the Garden House of Pygmalion by 6 students of Tatiana Abayeva and Borys Fedorov, both teachers at the Kyiv Conservatory and now living in the Netherlands. Tatiana and Borys are   affiliated with the DavidsBündler  Academy, where  these 6 Ukrainian students also  to study. They were: Anna Nebaba, Anastasia Bogadista, Maria Parfonova, Dana Balteshaititie, Sofia Dorosh and Pavel Slipko.


July 10, 2022

Yulianna Beziazychna and Sofia Dorosh  graced the opening of Jeroen Henneman's exhibition with their piano playing.

CD recordings

The Galatea Foundation provides assistance with (CD) recordings. 


The Foundation gave logistic support to Alexander Kashpurin in realising the recording of his CD 'In search of Eternity'.

Art beyond borders

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